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Brilliant :)

Given Gaiman's heading for his blog entry, I think he knew exactly what this was.

Howard Glassman

Ah, what does it matter? Fun was had. That's the main thing. With our pranks, the main objective is not to deceive folks, but to make 'em laugh.


My only regret was that I didn't see this until post-April the 1st. Alas! Laud on the most amusing joke.

Michael Heroin

I am not entirely surprised, but a little disappointed. Anyway, this was a great month of reading and a truly inspired april fools joke! I only feel sorry for that poor person who sent you that first, angry e-mail, If they exist, they must feel quite silly right now :)


Well done! Like Red, I also wish I knew about this before April 1st. Either way, this was amusing. Kudos!


Absolutely amazing! I will be laughing all day! Intelligent humour, do you know how rare that is?

Ye Olde DarkPlumeria

The writing in this year's april fool's joke (of which I have fallen victim to now what? 4? 5 times?) was absolutely splendid.

You guys should possibly consider taking the existing entries, and finishing out the story fully in a printed short story or novella.

Granted you may have to get Gaimen's permission for copyright purposes but I think you honestly could publish this.

It would be wonderful to see on actual paper.


"It would be wonderful to see on actual paper."
Why? So you could eat it?

Ye Olde DarkPlumeria

Maybe with some plum sauce.


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